Service Definition

Working closely with marketing and customer care personnel to define telecommunications services - particularly important when specifying advanced services based on IN technology.

Architecture Definition

Developing alternative technical architectures based on, for example, MAP, ISUP, and INAP signaling and evaluating them against the Service Definition and, using the Outline Network Design and the Business Plan.

Outline Network Design

Producing high-level designs to set the overall framework for detailed network design and to determine the network capital and operating expenses for the Business Plan.

Detailed Network Design

Delivering a complete, optimized network design that provides the right matrix of performance, feature support, resilience and network security at an appropriate cost.

Implementation Management

Assuming overall responsibility for the total network design and implementation process, including supplier selection, site acquisition, site preparation, equipment installation and commissioning

Equipment Procurement

Carrying out the complete procurement process, from equipment specification and vendor selection through to contract negotiation and award.

Site Acquisition and Site Preparation

Managing the acquisition and fitting out of sites (switch sites, POPs, collocations, NOCs, etc.) for the network equipment placement.

Network Installation

Overseeing the installation of equipment by vendors to agreed quality standards. Managing other associated subcontractors and or the performance of work that is associated with the preparation and placement of network equipment.

Network Testing and Commissioning

Managing all aspects of network testing and acceptance, including individual hardware and software components, as well as all network interfaces.

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