Unicorn Communications, Inc. assists venture capital and investment banking firms by providing an impartial, expert assessment of business plans submitted by telecommunications industry-related start-up companies who seek initial and/or mezzanine financing for proposed businesses. Our complete, turnkey front-end support services augment and complement the investment company's internal resources. Services include:
  • Independent assessment of submitted business plans
  • Competitive analyses of products/services/markets
  • Validation of product/service market demand projections/market shares
  • Technology assessment of planned products/competing products
Due diligence services related to existing business operations:
  • Assessment of existing telecommunications operations
  • Assessment of existing network infrastructure
  • Assessment of strategic partnerships relationships
  • Competitive analysis of service markets
  • Regulatory assessment of service markets
  • Market research to validate market information

Applying our expertise in wireline and wireless telecommunications industries, Unicorn Communications, Inc. has assisted both domestic and international clients, helping them to evaluate business plans and opportunities with:

  • Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC)
  • Inter-Exchange Carriers (IXC)
  • International Other Common Carriers (OCCs)
  • Internet Service Providers (ISP)
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