Strategic partnering speeds profitability

The communications industry's exponential growth has created an unprecedented competitive business environment that calls for strategic management. Through our strategic partnering approach, Unicorn Communications answers this call, enabling our clients to "turn technology into services" rapidly, measurably, and knowledgeably. Unicorn Communications turns global confusion into an action plan - transforming challenges into profits.

Unicorn Communications supports domestic U.S. and international telecommunications providers, ISPs, and petroleum companies with turnkey planning, business development, design and engineering, program and project management and construction management.

We start by identifying and enhancing your position in the international marketplace. We have decades of expertise in voice and data transmission, the Internet and wireless service. And we're unsurpassed in meeting the telecommunications requirements of competitive local exchange carriers / other common carriers and petroleum companies - developing the infrastructure that delivers the promise of the Information Age.

Unicorn evaluates your opportunities, provides answers and guidance. In fact, we look at every aspect of your business to find ways - from business strategy to technology and operations - to make it more profitable now and in the future. We assess your business or investment opportunity in detail and provide due diligence. We assess your operation and technology needs, including emerging technologies, and provide a business plan - including a detailed network plan and design.

What's more, tapping into our experience around the globe, we can propose, align and manage strategic partnerships and alliances for you, with cable, telephone, electric utilities, transit authorities and information companies for success down the Information Highway. From there, we'll select the best tactics to serve your needs, today and tomorrow.

Our market findings can create service platforms and engineering designs that optimize your existing and planned network configuration. We can also isolate major costs and develop ways to reduce them.

Unicorn's knowledge and skills in broadband, narrowband, wireless, and fiber technologies enable Unicorn Consulting Services to deliver complete, integrated solutions - from research to development to implementation, including:

  • Feasibility Studies and Action Plans
  • Business Implementation Plans
  • Due Diligence - Internal Assessment
  • Governmental and Public-Private Cooperative Initiatives
  • Interconnection Negotiations, Planning, Design, Implementation, and Commissioning Facility Planning, Design, Implementation, and Commissioning
  • Network Management Planning, Design, Implementation, and Commissioning
  • Network Planning, Design, Implementation, and Commissioning
  • Equipment Site and Right-of-Way Acquisition Services
  • Network Specifications and Operating Practices and Policies Development
  • Asset/Equipment Consolidation Planning
  • Inside and Outside Wiring Management and Planning
  • Operational Assessment and Planning
  • Operations, Engineering, and Customer Services Process and Procedures Development
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