Unicorn Communications helps telecommunications companies pursue opportunities and respond effectively to the demands of advancing technology and increasing global interconnectivity. We help you compete through:
  • In-depth analysis in the planning stages
  • Continual adherence to regulatory requirements
  • Incisive decision-making during implementation
  • Concentrated focus on operations

Business Planning

Planning Strategies

Unicorn identifies and plans strategically, anticipating regulatory constraints, organizational structure, essential resources, network-specific considerations and marketing issues. Our knowledge of advancing technology also gives our partners the insight to assume a competitive position in the future.

Market Strategies

In developing a strategic marketing plan, UCI identifies target customers, researches the use and purchasing behavior of market segments and helps clients determine which products/services to sell. We help develop pricing policies, advertising and promotion policies, and sales and distribution policies; and assess existing and potential competition in target markets.

Production/Service Strategies

At the core of our clients' business success is their ability to deliver products and services. We help establish the appropriate processes, technologies and accompanying costs to produce and deliver the products/services. We help clients establish and assess relationships with suppliers, identify requirements for materials, equipment, facilities and staff; and plan and monitor the production schedule to support marketing and sales goals.

Organization and Management Strategies

We also apply our professional training and experience in program management to help clients organize and manage their operations. We help develop a strategy to identify essential functions and staff responsibility to maximize performance. To get your new operation up and running quickly, we share our proven-efficient overall operational procedures, motivation and control strategies; and advise clients regarding management attitudes and values.

Financial Planning

To ensure optimal performance, Unicorn maintains the flexibility that telecommunications service providers need to capitalize on their company's unique position in the telecommunications marketplace.

Our multifaceted approach to business analysis takes into consideration technical, operational, financial, and internal factors. To ensure a successful launch and continuous company operation, Unicorn defines revenue requirements, capital costs and all other operational needs.

As companies contemplate new acquisitions, new ventures and new directions, Unicorn Communications provides market data, acquisitions analysis and valuation analysis. Further, beyond the planning stages, we support our clients' needs for outside capital to finance development by defining the extent of the financial need and developing an informative and persuasive marketing plan to motivate potential investors.

Our wide range of consulting experience spans all aspects of telephony, putting Unicorn in a unique position to help you capture untapped financial opportunities in the evolving telecommunications marketplace.

Financial Strategy

We can complement your financial staff's competencies with our ability to project expenses and revenues in building and providing telecommunications services to help plan your business operations in a way that will generate adequate profits and/or ensure long-term economic viability. These strategies can generate funds for basic operation and key investments, and help you plan for effective use of excess revenues or profits.

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