Unicorn Communications helps a client analyze their information needs and provides customized research services that deliver in-depth and on-target answers. We offer an array of information sources and services to help clients comprehensively assess the variables surrounding critical business and research decisions. Our library provides access to hundreds of online databases worldwide, subscriptions to Internet-based telecommunications news and information sites, and the latest industry analysis publications. In addition, Unicorn Communications maintains ongoing relationships with most major telecommunications providers, through its personnel and previous projects.

Among our research services:

  • Customer Company and Industry Research.
    From corporate intelligence gathering to identifying global industrial trends and forecasts, our staff of trained information specialists will provide individualized services and answers that meet your needs.
  • Technology Overview - complete information packages, including background materials, uses, and trends and/or technologies for wireline and wireless telecommunications (switched, data, Internet, transport)
  • Country Reports - comprehensive economic, political, industrial, cultural, and telecommunications information to help determine the viability of proposed international ventures
  • Document Delivery - articles, reports, and other documents from our library collection, via worldwide distributions channels
  • Published Resources - white papers, industry reports, newsletters and publications for that Unicorn Communications creates for industry use
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