Your community can benefit greatly from Unicorn Communications' U.S. domestic and worldwide experience in fulfilling our clients' telecommunications needs. Handled properly, your city will gain new businesses and expanded employment opportunities as new services form the backbone of your 'Intelligent City.

We offer valuable telecommunications guidance and will present alternatives in bringing you advanced telecommunications services.

For example, the answer for one community may be supplying dark fiber to interested parties (a carrier's carrier network). Another community may pursue full deployment of an HFC network to ensure state-of-the-art services to their non-metropolitan areas. Whether determining the best solution for your community or constructing your fiber optic network, Unicorn Communications can support your city with many telecommunications infrastructure components:

  • Telecommunications development, business planning, feasibility and economic development impact studies
  • Market planning and development, and mapping services to assist in market analysis
  • Promotional/creative support
  • Franchise, municipal access and permit consulting as your governmental authorities may require
  • Microwave, cellular, and satellite site consulting services
  • Right-of-way, end-user and building location, identification, selection and negotiation; and preparation of agreement services
  • Requests for Proposal and Requests for Information for facility development and right-of-way partnerships, to capture market opportunities and reduce taxpayer costs
  • Requests for Proposal and Requests for Information for analysis and assessment of the value and compensation for use of municipality facilities and rights-of-way by telecommunications providers
  • Dark fiber identification, assistance in marketing, use, management and lease/resell of dark fiber services
  • 'Intelligent city' design and development. Real estate/telecommunications subdivision partnerships and building access consulting
  • Facility design, programming, management and billing services
  • Policies, procedures and specifications manual-writing
  • Operations and construction services
  • Regulatory Services

You'll be proud of your 'intelligent city,' the cost savings and optimal service that Unicorn Communications brings to your citizens.

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