Unicorn Communications can complete various telecommunications infrastructure components to meet the challenge of delivering networks that satisfy the ever expanding telecommunications marketplace.

Unicorn Communications can provide:
  • Telecommunications market planning and mapping to assist in market analysis. Right-of-way, end-user, LEC and building locating, identification and mapping services.
  • Right-of-way and real estate development partnerships, acquisitions and marketing to capture telecommunications market share and reduce deployment costs.
  • Telecommunications switch and hub site criteria determinations, selections, and acquisitions.
  • Switch and hub site preparation. Engineering, design, and costing.
  • End user customer building criteria, selection, access negotiations, and design.
  • Local exchange carrier (LEC) collocation and interconnect negotiations
  • Billing services
  • Franchise, Municipal Access Agreements, Permits and right-of-way negotiations required of governmental authorities
  • Microwave, cellular and satellite site acquisitions and zoning approvals
  • Environmental due diligence assessments and baseline studies for real estate and right-of-way acquisitions and leases
  • Inside wiring and shared tenant service planning, development, management and implementation management services
  • Policy, Procedures, and Specifications manuals writing
  • Dark fiber management and leasing services
  • Regulatory Services

These are the infrastructure requirements for which your company will need the seasoned professionals of Unicorn Communications to assist you in cost-effectively and timely deploying your telecommunications networks - networks that are often constructed in difficult complex urban environments. Companies that can do so quickly will capture the strategic opportunities that make infrastructure happen and be the real winners in the race to establish themselves as viable competitors in the telecommunications marketplace.

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