Changing regulatory environments, available state-of-the art technologies and competitive forces now encourage organizations in the utilities industry to consider their telecommunications options and potential avenues of new revenue.

Working together with you, Unicorn Communications can help your utility overcome these challenges and boost profitability by delivering services to your customers that will satisfy their ever-expanding needs. We share with you our worldwide experience, through any one or all of these services:
  • Business strategies, feasibility studies, and business case analysis
  • Financial modeling and analysis of telecommunications options
  • Telecommunications market planning and mapping services to assist in market analysis.

Right-of-way, end-user and building locating and identification services.

  • Market planning/development and promotion / creative development
  • Infrastructure operations and construction services
  • Engineering, design, and costing
  • Request for Proposal and Request for Information for right-of-way use to capture telecommunications market opportunities and reduce capital costs
  • Request for Proposal and Request for Information analysis and assessments on use compensations and values to be garnered from the use of utility facilities and rights-of-way by telecommunications providers
  • Right-of-way use negotiations and agreement preparations
  • Dark fiber identification. Dark fiber assistance on the marketing, use, management, and lease/sell of dark fiber services.
  • Telecommunications switch and hub site criteria determinations and site preparation
  • End-user building criteria, identification and selection. LEC, CLEC, and building access consulting and design.
  • Franchise and Municipal Access consulting, permit and right-of-way acquisitions as required of governmental authorities.
  • Microwave, cellular, and satellite site consulting services and zoning approvals
  • Inside wiring and shared tenant service planning, development, management and implementation services
  • Policy, Procedures, and Specifications manuals writing
  • Operations and construction services
  • Regulatory services
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