It seems as though every day the FCC, international regulatory authorities and the telecommunications industry itself change the rules. For example, the FCC and major long distance companies arrived at an agreement on June 1, 2000, after five years of negotiation, reducing the access fees that long distance companies paid to LECs, passing the savings on to consumers. This change was widely publicized, however, in many countries, pricing can change with less fanfare on a sliding scale. Additionally, the burden of tariff paperwork can be overwhelming.

Unicorn supports its clients with domestic interstate and international toll resale filings, tariff documentation and service pricing. Our knowledge of local tolls, tariffs, pricing and practices ensures that our clients stay competitive, with the potential to substantially save operating costs and penalties, minimize disruption of service and improve profitability. We also ensure that clients meet local compliance worldwide.
We provide tariff services involved in:
  • Interstate toll resale
  • International toll resale
  • Local general subscriber tariffs
  • Access tariffs
  • Intrastate toll resale tariffs

And we help clients to price services through:

  • LRIC studies
  • Fully embedded studies
  • Tariff price development
  • Forward-looking economic costs/prices
  • Regulatory assistance
  • Incremental cost studies: price floors, transport and termination rates for interconnection of local traffic and traditional bundled services, such as R-1 and B-1
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