Saving clients time and labor costs, ensuring accuracy, Unicorn Communications offers complete Equal Access Pre-subscription services in accordance with regulatory and IXC requirements. We provide all forms, letters and other materials and perform all the steps to achieve smooth conversion.
  • Develop Equal Access timeline
  • Notify IXCs of intent to convert to equal access
  • Prepare first and second ballots
  • Mail first and second ballots
  • Ensure IXC rotation on ballots
  • Prepare and distribute IXC conversion guide
  • Create the Master file of customer PICs
  • Process incoming IXC reports
  • Allocate all non-respondents
  • Prepare three required Summary and Detail reports
  • Develop employee desktop reference
  • Interface with IXCs (if desired)
  • Assist in problem resolution

Pre-Balloting support

  • IXC manual development
  • Liaison with billing vendors (for example, EUR and CDG)

Balloting support

  • Initial ballot processing
  • Secondary balloting

Post-conversion and training

  • Ongoing assistance and support
  • Inclusion of new IXCs' post-balloting
  • On-site training for customer service and order processing staff
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