Unicorn Communications launched its Administration (?) of Operating Company Numbers (AOCN) service in 2000, for clients in the local telephone, CLEC, paging and wireless industry sectors. AOCN is the contracted administrator for updating the Routing Database System (RDBS) and the Bellcore Rating Input Database Systems (BRIDS) that produce such products as the Local Exchange Routing Guide and Terminating Point Master.

Unicorn consults with its clients on a number of related AOCN services: acquiring CLLI codes and OCNs, applications for new NXXs by the North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANP) and completition of Part IIs to input new codes and changes to existing codes in the RDBS and BRIDS databases.

Unicorn also offers an NPA/NXX Activation Report on a monthly basis, tailored to inform clients of newly assigned NXXs by NANPA, extracted at a company's request by LATA, NPA, state or all new NXXs in the North American Numbering Plan area.
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