Bid Strategy

Setting key strategies and assumptions, usually in conjunction with our other services, to ensure that the license application and actual implementation are successful.

Market Planning

Market research, market forecasts (customers and traffic), strategy, services (including coverage requirements for mobile networks), tariffing, distribution planning, marketing communications planning and bid text preparation.

Bid Management

Taking responsibility for all or most aspects of preparing the license application enables senior management to focus on the joint venture formation, lobbying and financing arrangements.

Lobbying Support

Lobbying planning, preparation of lobbying papers, lobbying meetings

Technical Planning

Network architecture and topology, capacity and equipment configuration plans, RF coverage and frequency plans (for mobile networks), numbering and routing plans, interconnect and signaling plans, charging plans, network management plan (including operations and maintenance), and bid text preparation.


Office set-up and management, document control, bid design, editing, translation, desktop publishing (DTP), printing, binding and delivery. We have translation and DTP companies with whom we regularly work.

Billing and Customer Care Planning

Strategy, requirement definition, performance measures, core process design, outline system design and bid text preparation.

Partner Selection and Company Formation

Evaluating and short-listing potential joint venture partners, either local or foreign. Establishing a suitable legal entity to begin business operations.

Financial Planning

Business case preparation, scenario analysis and bid text preparation. Our contracts with investment banks and venture capitalists may also be useful for financing the business opportunity.

Implementation Planning

Preparing organization and implementation plans, short-listing suppliers and bid text preparation. Starting implementation activities, if appropriate, such as site acquisition, procurement, etc.

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