WITH: Incumbent local exchange companies (ILECs), regional bell operating companies (RBOCs) and post telegraph and telephone companies (PTTs) for wireline, wireless, resale, EAS and paging agreements

FOR: competitive local exchange companies (CLECs), Internet service providers (ISPs), long distance providers, independent telephone companies, rural telephone exchanges, cable TV providers, electrical and gas utility companies; and real estate, property management and land development firms.

Our your behalf, we initiate Interconnection Agreement negotiations to satisfy your requirements and consummate terms and conditions that meet your objectives for entering the local telecom services market.
We share our expertise, knowledge and experience with your in-house staff concerning regulatory, network and/or business issues inherent in the new, competitive, rapidly changing and highly regulated domestic telecom industry (resulting from the Telecommunications Act of 1996), as well as ongoing deregulation in the overseas markets.

Just a few of the Interconnection negotiation services we provide are:

  • Initial business, strategic planning and network design advice for entry into the local telecom provider business, to ensure that Interconnection Agreement terms and conditions meet the client's objectives.
  • Drafting and filing of Commission-mandated documents
  • Commencement of Interconnection negotiations including review of the ILECs/RBOCs proposed Interconnection language and review of related, existing country/state approved agreements, orders and/or rulings.
  • Regulatory support after negotiation of an Agreement, throughout the process involving Commission approval of the Interconnection Agreement following or after adoption of an existing Agreement, or during an Arbitration and the subsequent negotiations to bring the Interconnection Agreement's language into compliance with the Arbitration Order
  • Support in the implementation phase to ensure compliance with the Interconnection Agreement's terms and conditions.
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