Unicorn Communications provides ancillary agreement negotiations related to local telecom service, such as the CPE hardware and software necessary to provide the service, directory assistance, operator services, directory publishing, poles and Innerduct Agreements.

Based upon our vast and varied experience, we can advise clients about their key issues in an Ancillary Agreement, and develop a negotiations strategy that focuses obtaining each client's objectives. Additionally, we help avoid disputes with ILECs/RBOCs and avoid loss of favorable terms and conditions by ensuring consistency between the Interconnection and Ancillary Agreements.

In many, if not all, instances an Interconnection Agreement will contain general terms and conditions on certain topics, but not contain sufficient contractual detail as to the at specific topic. In that instance both the CLEC and the ILEC/RBOC will want or need a separate contract with sufficient detail to adequately state the rights and obligations of each party and deal with all of these issues inherent in such a specific topic.

Unicorn Communications'consultation services has helped protect its CLEC-clients in negotiating Ancillary Agreements, for example:

  • Obtaining a limited use license from a third party vendor providing interconnection software.
  • Separate, comprehensive agreements that provide specific contractual rights and obligations concerning provision of Directory Assistance, Operator Services, or Directory Publishing services.
  • Agreements with third party vendors where even the ILEC/RBOC relies on a contractual relationship with the third party vendor to provide a service, such as 911 database maintenance.
  • Agreements due to the specific and unique nature of the CLEC request, such as rights-of-way requests involving poles or innerduct. Unicorn negotiates in our clients' best interest concerning cost, whether facilities exist or construction is required, specific geographic locations, the quantity of facilities required, the length of time for such utilization and issues arising from third party ownership or rights of other parties in the subject facilities.
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