Regulatory authorities around the world have employed a diverse range of approaches to the award of telecommunications licenses, including auctions and 'beauty parades.' In particular, mobile licenses have attracted fierce competition, due to the potential for excellent financial returns, combined with the scarcity of radio spectrum. Fixed network licenses are easier to obtain, but applications may still require considerable effort to prepare. For a telecommunications provider to succeed in acquiring a license, it takes an informed partner, prepared bid-winning strategy, a comprehensive business case evaluation and complex production logistics. Further complexity may arise when implementation activities start in parallel with the licensing process.

Experienced in handling the intricacies of telecommunications regulations in the world markets, Unicorn Communications maintains regular open communication channels with international government agencies. We draw on past experience, industry contacts and our negotiating skills to maintain relationships with telecommunications regulatory bodies worldwide.

Our application services cover every activity needed to obtain a telecommunications license. World-wide experience, combined with our methodology and tools, gives clients whatever level of support they require. We help clients develop and submit applications for international wireline or wireless service telecommunications licenses, and help develop the technical content and your international telecommunications legal entity.This collaboration ensures that our clients' license application demonstrate first-hand knowledge of building and operating telecommunications services. And Unicorn Communications continuously supports our clients to service launch, and beyond.

Among the various international license applications we help acquire, depending on the country:
  • Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC)
  • Inter-exchange Carrier (IXC)
  • Long Distance 214
  • Fixed Telecommunications Network Services (FTNS)
  • Private Radio Communications Service (PRS)

For External Mobile Services

  • Public Non-Exclusive Telecommunications Service (PNETS)
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Data Services

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