Unicorn Communications shares with you our vast experience helping CLECs, IXCs, OCCs, and ISPs expand into new U.S. and international markets. We can complement and support your company's business plan, through to successful implementation, or develop a plan for you, based on our proven accomplishments. Either way, Unicorn Communications simplifies your entry into new territories.Aditionally, we're prepared to propose cost-effective innovative telecommunications solutions, enabling you to meet the ever-demanding and changing telecommunications environment.

Market Assessment and Marketing Services

We perform:

  • Primary and secondary market research
  • Commercial assessment of cities/countries and market under consideration, based on actual and comparable experience
  • Competitive assessment
  • Service requirements analysis
  • Comprehensive market planning
  • Advertising and media services to announce and promote your roll out

Regulatory Approval

We prepare and file all associated applications, agreements and tariffs you need to operate as a CLEC.

  • Regulatory Support
  • Interconnection Agreement Negotiations
  • Ancillary Agreement Negotiations
  • Interconnection Agreement Compliance and Implementation Issues
  • Comprehensive Revenue Reviews
  • Equal Access Conversion
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technical Network Expertise

Business Planning

We have the knowledge, and we're ready to travel! In addition to insightful market/city evaluations, we:

  • Research and collect prospective business and residential customer lists
  • Forecast development and map the perspective service area
  • Review and plot primary customer sites and business targets
  • Identify and map IXC, POP and LEC central office locations
  • Analyze city geography and routing considerations
  • Map initial network design

We also assess Right of Way (ROW) conditions and restrictions, availability and guidelines; and evaluate city planning, implementation and build-out objectives necessary to deploy the network.

Then, based on your specific business objectives, Unicorn Communications will define operating and network assumptions for target cities and evaluate facility routing plans. We'll propose a network layout, and based on that, we'll estimate CAPEX cost for fiber, wireless local loop, copper, SONET and switching and transport equipment, and for data and Internet construction. Using our market assessments, we'll develop revenue and operating expense assumptions, project business services and access line volume. We'll also develop price margins and cost of goods sold based on competitive and regulatory factors, along with staffing plans and operating expense requirements.

Input: data and realistic assumptions
Output: a world-class business plan

Unicorn Communications will complete the business planning process by developing a 10-year financial model based on the detailed, proposed network design. Output includes all the necessary financial statements: cash flows, financing requirements, EBITDA, ROE, IRR, NPV; and an exit value strategy for investment considerations.

Engineering and Construction

Next, Unicorn Communications takes you from output to roll out. We will:

  • Measure and map your actual network
  • Locate underground requirements
  • Develop an inventory of poles, manholes and other critical network design and construction elements
  • Negotiate ROW requirements
  • Acquire local permits
  • Obtain collocation space, uniquely suited for telecommunications equipment
  • Manage your program/project management and site
  • Develop and manage construction
  • Perform on-site inspection and report progress
  • Install, implement and test the system for acceptance

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