Unicorn conducts numerous strategic planning sessions to assist operating telephone companies identify their goals, and develop and execute strategic plans. These plans serve as the map to systematically attain your goals. Furthermore, strategic planning helps improve performance and helps create more-positive attitudes overall.

We structure these meetings to meet our clients' needs, incorporating a wide range of seminars to show how to create a corporate culture, develop a mission statement, instill an attitude of success and more. Some sessions review manager and director responsibilities, and advise how to improve management's performance.

It is especially important to involve your personnel in creating your organization's future services to meet your earnings goals and assure corporate success. Their participation, along with clearly stated management direction, helps increase efficiency and productivity. Among the benefits: Cost savings due to reduction in errors; time savings that enable you to deliver products and service faster; and a revenue stream that enables you to become profitable sooner.

If you don't know where you want to go, any plan will get you there.
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