The switching world has changed since the days of deregulation. Now, with the ever-increasing demand for enhanced features and basic call functionality, telephony carriers require a unique series of solutions to ensure that they meet customer demands. Unicorn Communications brings a unique methodology to custom-design switching for you that lives up to those requirements.

For example, as a basic requirement, the telephone system must enable quality of communication, assessed as the probability of connecting, the call set-up speed and the quality of speech transmission.

To accomplish this, Unicorn creates a series of at least 16 design documents that depict the telephony switching environment and exactly how the network will be deployed.

Unicorn switching options support SSP, SCP, wireline and wireless networks. Whether you intend to provide or expand a traditional TDM switching network having end-office or tandem switches – or you intend to use the ‘next generation’ soft switching environment or VoIP, VoDSL, VoATM and VoFR – Unicorn can develop the switching network designs that will meet your needs.
Our unique approach to developing these designs is based on your company's:
  • Internal abilities
  • Customer demographics
  • Technological capabilities

Thus, we ensure that your telephony platforms meet and exceed your company's requirements, while maintaining your budget and services expectations.

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