From copper wire for POTS to wireless satellite systems, Unicorn can seamlessly combine fiber, radio and leased lines in facilities that achieve optimal transport speed, capacity, cost, quality and upgradability.

In the backbone network – the interexchange carrier network for transporting inter-LATA and interstate traffic– Unicorn Communications devises efficiencies that deliver more and better service to customers than do typical access networks (the network level closer to the customer).

Ideally, the backbone network should be 100% perfect in all ways, i.e. the network should have zero downtime, zero percent blocking, and unlimited bandwidth to handle all the traffic at all times. However, because this ideal can be very costly, Unicorn’s achievable objective is to devise an optimal balance between cost and perfection through a backbone network that shares services (and costs) among many users. The result is a robust, very high-performance transmission network that delivers:
  • Intelligent network services
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation
  • Distributed network management
  • Redundant network protection
  • Efficient utilization for protection
  • Efficient economics of scale
  • Advanced technology-based services

There are three major components in designing transmission (or transport or backbone) networks, the same as with access networks: traffic engineering, link design and node design.

Unicorn is uniquely qualified to assist our customers by developing a custom transmission network strategy and detailed designs, regardless of the technology bases, for example:

  • Long-haul DWDM or Lamba usage
  • Metro DWDM or Lambda usage
  • SDH
  • Broadband
  • PDH
  • Microwave
  • Fiber Optics
  • TDM
  • RF Planning
  • Tower Design and Placement
  • Outside Plant Engineering
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