We can create a multi-service platform for you that enables data networks to use ATM, frame relay and/or leased lines, based on your service criteria. While others in the industry may take short-cuts in design, we consider the broad field of telecommunications study, encompassing many elements: architectures, topologies, standards, services, protocols, data transport techniques, analysis/planning and other sciences. That is, we go beyond simplistic technical understanding of protocols, connection and the knowledge of standards and basic telecommunications. Instead, Unicorn's network planners fully understand all aspects of telecommunications, enabling us to solve complex problems as we design your data network.

So, if your company wants a standard TDM or hybrid data network, Unicorn's design expertise results in nothing less than comprehensive designs with built-in growth potential based on your goals and objections, plus plans for deployment. Unicorn excels in:
  • TDM
  • Frame Relay
  • ATM
  • IP
  • Router Plans
  • Addressing Schema
  • Routing Schema
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