Ever-increasing competition is the one certainty that today's telecommunications carrier can bank on. At Unicorn, we recognize how important marketing is to your company's strategic future. Among the essential weapons in your company's strategic arsenal should be the ability:
  • To identify marketplace opportunities
  • To develop complementary product sets
  • To effectively capture your company's target market

We believe that our success is rooted in our clients' success. As such, our philosophy towards providing marketing services is a "substance and results-oriented approach." Our trained team of telecommunications professionals can assist your company in developing strategies to identify and realize marketplace objectives. In helping develop your marketing plan, we can:

  • Analyze demographics, segment markets and profile competition
  • Analyze market penetration, product mix, pricing strategies, top customers and vulnerable market niches
  • Custom-plan, create and execute advertising campaigns and media placement
  • Support your public relations effort
  • Develop products, bundles and pricing
  • Develop market research and customer surveys

We use direct mail, telephone interviews, focus groups and other vehicles to measure customer satisfaction, company image and opportunities. This is a highly scientific process that provides our clients with invaluable marketing insight. UCI asks the right questions, ensures accuracy, applies our knowledge of telecommunications services to the results and, ultimately, saves our clients time and money.

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