Long-range financial planning is critical to the success of any business entity, and particularly for telecommunications companies operating in an increasingly competitive, capital-intensive marketplace. You need to develop a plan that predicts cash flow, as the industry migrates from low-rate RUS funding towards market-based capital structures. Yet with so many investment opportunities, many companies find it difficult to decide where and how to invest, to manage and grow their limited financial resources most effectively.

Unicorn's skills in estimating future revenues from telecommunications services are unsurpassed. We have a long history of experience with regulated and non-regulated telephone companies and we know how to navigate through the complex maze of revenue pools and support funds existing today. This expertise, combined with our knowledge of current regulatory proceedings, enables us to project future regulated and non-regulated revenues with a high degree of accuracy. And, since we serve a broad cross-section of clients in a variety of non-regulated business ventures, we can also better-evaluate the financial performance of an array of competitive business strategies: CLECs, IXCs, cable and satellite television and broadband networks.

We help you to arrive at realistic revenue projections; and position you to seize advantageous opportunities; avoid tempting, incompatible product offerings and better-manage your continued growth - according to plan.
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