Companies seeking to become a local provider of telecom services face complex local issues everywhere in the world. Unicorn Communications' expertise in technical network issues - along with its experience and knowledge of local telephony and interconnection issues - are extremely valuable tools for clients during the initial analysis of their opportunity. Among these issues:
  • When becoming a facility-based CLEC, the issue of building as it relates to existing ILEC/RBOC facilities
  • Leasing unbundled network elements from the ILEC/RBOC, such as unbundled loops and dedicated transport.
  • Utilizing certain combinations of CLEC and ILEC/RBOC facilities to achieve your objectives for the particular geographic area you seek to serve
  • Reselling ILEC/RBOC local service offerings by taking advantage of the below-tariff wholesale discount rates, equaling a double-digit percent reduction on the tariff in most, if not all, states
  • Business plan strategy issues related to interconnection negotiations, such as local wireline or local wireless; voice or data emphasis, or both; primary utilization of copper or fiber; or bundling or packaging services to include local, long distance, wireless, Internet, paging, cable TV or some combination thereof.
  • Additional business plan strategy issues involving the geographic service area and timing around a single-state Interconnection Agreement with one RBOC versus multiple-state Interconnection Agreements with multiple ILEC/RBOCs.
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