Whether you're simply annexing fiber loops or building a large-scale network from the ground up, Unicorn Communications' design solutions meet virtually any scenario. Through in-depth network planning, we provide the right equipment, at the right place, at the right time and at the right cost to satisfy expected demand and give an acceptable grade of service. We base our decisions on each project's budget, strategic factors, available technology and the ability of different options to meet your service definition. Unicorn's proven design, implementation and commissioning practices ensures your ability to deliver a seamless suite of services to your business and residential customers.

Unlike companies that take a short-term view, we perform intensive research as the basis for a customized networking plan we develop for you. In research activities, we:
  • Examine the current network characteristics
  • Forecast future network needs
  • Assess the availability of appropriate, existing plans
  • Evaluate technical opportunities for future development
  • Select the most appropriate courses of action for the long, medium and short term

Unicorn Communications views network planning as a continuous, iterative process. In our planning activities, we:

  • Continuously monitor the existing network
  • Gain an understanding of the environment in which the network operates
  • Create plans to satisfy demands for existing and new services
  • Implement the plans
  • Audit the results

We employ proven scientific methods to optimize both private and public investments, and to proportion the equipment uniformly for the whole enterprise, or country. For new and existing networks, we meet attainable objectives for quantitative and qualitative improvements as defined by the highest-level authorities:

  • The number of subscribers in each area
  • The range of services
  • The quality of service

Network planning additionally must ascertain the rules for equipment use and for the network's organization, taking into account technical and economic constraints and ITU and CCIR recommendations.

Based on the forecasted demand and distribution, we plan and schedule actions at each point of the network to satisfy all the objectives at the minimum cost.

As a result, we can provide an early, realistic forecast of the necessary financial resources, equipment and procurement policy, and manpower (staffing policy). Then, having this information, we can develop strategic and network implementation plans – definition of projects, use of investments – and in turn, development and technical plans.

Strategic Planning

A strategic plan charts the direction the network must move over the next five to ten years. It defines the overall framework we'll follow in the network,- the structure and architecture. And it assures that the various networks, sub-networks and centers will conform.
Although this plan may comprise various sub-plans for different networks, Unicorn coordinates them all to produce a coherent strategy for the future, taking into account:

  • Telephone/data traffic growth and distribution
  • Future services and facilities
  • Implications of new technology
  • Financial and services objectives
  • Need for network flexibility
  • International or national statutory requirements or standards, etc.

Technical Planning

The invaluable content in our strategic plans is equaled only by detail in our technical plans, resulting in individual plans that map out the methods for choosing and installing equipment, guaranteeing satisfactory delivery of the quality of service you require. Common to the whole network, the plans must ensure future flexibility and compatibility.
Unicorn assures that our technical plans will anticipate every conceivable event you may face, at a level of minutia that most telecom companies cannot fathom.
Among our plans:

  • Availability and Security
  • Traffic
  • Signaling
  • Numbering
  • Transmission
  • Synchronization
  • Charging
  • Switching
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Traffic Forecasting
  • Optimization and Dimensioning
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